Why Cloudaware CMDB For Large Google Cloud Platform Deployments

Managing large GCP deployments is a challenging task because all GCP management APIs are project specific. Cloudaware CMDB is a nifty multi-cloud management tool. It not only supports GCP but also AWS, Azure. As far as support for GCP, Cloudaware CMDB discovers all key GCP services like Compute, Big Query, Dataflow and others.

Single Pane Of Glass

Cloudaware CMDB presents unified view of all GCP infrastructure as if it were part of a single project.

API and CLI Access

Cloudaware CMDB provides both REST API and CMDB CLI to query data in CMDB.

There is a REST API that can return data in JSON.

Rich CI-Level Data

At the CI level Cloudaware aggregates data not only from multiple GCP APIs but also from popular monitoring, security and devops tools such as NewRelic, Datadog, Tenable, Chef and Puppet. Cloudaware refers to this capability as SPOT (Single Point Of Truth). For example, they use Big Query with resource IDs to show cost data for every object in the CMDB.

Like you would expect from CMDB, Cloudaware creates a relationship tree between CI and other objects in CMDB.

It can spool in performance data from not only from GCP but also from NewRelic, Datadog, Sensu and dozen other monitoring tools.

For each CI Cloudaware stores long-term performance and utilization data which comes in handy for rightsizing and capacity reporting.

Security tab is particularly rich containing data from variety of supported and in-house Intrusion Detection Systems as well as patching status.

For customers in compliance industries Cloudaware can perform CIS Benchmarks both at the host level as well as the cloud level. Here is how they render CIS Benchmarks at the host level.

Other nice CI-level data include change management, tag analyzer. Tag analyzer can be used to remediate and fix tags across multiple projects with a single click.

Built-in Compliance Engine

As I mentioned earlier Cloudaware offers CIS Benchmarks not only at the cost level but also the cloud level

Their compliance engine has all the policies as defined by the CIS benchmark and also include quite a few non-benchmark policies. Users can customize policies per project and develop brand new policies from scratch.

Since Cloudaware is built-in on Salesforce.com platform, all CMDB data including billing data is available via Wave Analytics Datasets and Dashboards. Google just announced integration between Big Query and Wave Analytics. This allows users to take advantage of many pre-configured dashboards or to leverage dashboard designer to create new ones.

Compliance and other data can be loaded into Wave Analytics as well.

Cost-Optimization Engine

Cloudaware cost management module will automatically identify oversized, idling and underutilized resources. It presents its finding in easy to follow dashboard.

My favorite part is breaking down of saving opportunities into effort levels.

Find out more about Cloudaware here.