Solution Category: Cloud Governance and PCI
Deployment Model: SaaS outside AWS
Go Live Production Date: May, 2018
Available On Marketplace: No

About Service Channel

ServiceChannel transforms facilities management for brands that want to deliver a great customer experience across their physical locations with peak operational performance. Executives and facilities leaders at more than 500 global brands like Bloomin’ Brands, Cole Haan, CVS Health, Louis Vuitton, and Under Armour, love the ServiceChannel platform for its marketplace of 50,000 service provider companies, cloud applications, analytics, and intelligence into their multi-billion annual repair and maintenance spend. ServiceChannel is a privately held company funded by Accel, with offices in New York City, Pleasanton, Calif., North Andover, Mass., and London.

Problem Statement

As a SaaS Vendor, Service Channel maintains strict data and security standards. As Service Channel expanded its infrastructure into the cloud, they required a robust solution to protect their clients’ data. Service Channel sought a partner with a solid AWS Governance and Change Tracking tool that would help them ensure the highest level of PCI Compliance.


Cloudaware Compliance Engine was ultimately chosen because of its speed and ease of deployment. Cloudaware makes achieving PCI Governance and Compliance straightforward by providing built-in auditing and monitoring reports and policy templates. Continuous configuration state tracking is fully integrated, making implementation a breeze. Any breach of compliance rules is reported, including public S3 buckets, IAM credentials that have not been rotated in reasonable periods, resource lists and service states, security and audit policies, user account and password policies. AWS config files are also monitored for changes and tracked for PCI compliance. “As we researched the various providers on the market, Cloudaware distinctly stood out,” said Brian Elder, Director of Cloud Infrastructure at ServiceChannel. “The solutions’ ease of use and feature richness made our decision-making process simple.

Compliance Engine

Cloudaware Compliance engine is a collection of over 300 cloud configuration policies and is a superset of policies available from frameworks such as Scout2, CloudCustodian, CloudConformity and other commercial products.

Cloudaware Compliance Engine has several key differentiators from other similar solution available on the market.

  1. Extremely rich library of policies
  2. Multi-cloud policies
  3. Ability to author new and clone existing policies using Java programming language
  4. Customize policies for specific accounts, VPCs, etc.
  5. Ability to create policies that evaluate non-AWS attributes available in CMDB
  6. Reduce number of API calls made to AWS by collecting once and running evaluations against CMDB, not against AWS inventory.
  7. Integrate with 3rd party ticketing systems such as JIRA, ServiceNow, ServiceCloud, etc.
  8. Automate exception handling processes.


The result is an audit-ready system that enables ServiceChannel to maintain their high standards of security, with a highly automated solution provided by Cloudaware. This allows ServiceChannel to focus their energies on innovation and customer satisfaction. Alex Urmuzov, CTO at Cloudaware commented, “We are delighted to be working with ServiceChannel to secure their AWS infrastructure further. At Cloudaware, we are committed to assisting organizations in fortifying their cloud security defenses with the best technology in place and at a price point that makes it realistic to do so. We find that many of our customers are migrating systems to the AWS, making our flexible pricing and intuitive technology a natural choice for premier AWS governance and compliance.

Key Facts :

  • PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, and software design
  • Cloudaware Compliance Engine provides continuous tracking of PCI DSS Compliance across all AWS resource types and if anything changes it will tell you immediately in real-time
  • Cloudaware AWS PCI Compliance solution is simple, combining service hardening, event log management, change and configuration management, and integrity monitoring into one, easy-to-use solution
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